Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Can't wait for Thanksgiving...

So, lately I have been buying groceries like a crazy lady all in preparation for Thanksgiving - the list so far has been: BIG turkey (21.5 lbs), two kinds of stuffing (I insist on having Brownberry and not Stovetop stuffing), cranberry sauce, some type of sweet potato dish, two kinds of dinner rolls, corn, green bean casserole, apple pie and pumpkin pie (w/ real whipped cream). Oh, and mashed potatoes with gravy of course. I sometimes wonder why I do so much work but really, it is fun work and I love the results. Now, I just need to add some children and a few more friends and family members and it would be perfect every year...


  1. Sarah,
    I'm so excited that you are going to blog!
    OH, I do wish I could be with you for Thanksgiving!! One of the wonderful talents you have is cooking. I'm sure your guests will thoroughly enjoy the holiday in your home:)
    I wonder where you got that "perfection" mindset?? Surely not from me?! hehe! :) You are right! traditions like Thanksgiving, demand to be done right! (remember when we lived where they didn't sell Brownberry, and we had Auntie ship us a bag? lol!)
    Speaking of talents, I'm so glad you are going to show us your knitting (I miss getting to see all the wonderful things you make) That scarf is just BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE the color. Can't wait to see more :)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
    Love & Hugz,
    PS ~ I hope you will also share some of your cooking/baking here as well! :)

  2. Hope your Thanksgiving meal went well! I love how you set your table! Very festive :)
    Love & Hugz,
    Mom :)